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About Us

Tope Technology is headquartered in Clearfield, Utah. We are a professional services company dedicated to delivering best-value IT services and solutions through the application of our employees' experience, expertise, and state-of-the art technologies. Tope brings process-based solutions to high-risk, complex initiatives in Commercial and Federal Government Agencies which allows us to offer a broad range of services. Tope works closely with each client – drawing on our portfolio of integrated service offerings to ensure that each client derives the greatest value from their investment in our services. We bring all of the experience, creativity, and expertise of a large IT services firm combined with the advantages of an agile, small business that takes a personal interest in client success.

Tope Technology, LLC,  is a Native American Tribal Owned 8(a) certified small business. Tope was incorporated in 2010 and entered the SBA 8(a) program in July of 2012 to provide exceptional consulting services to a wide range of customers.  Our company is dedicated to sustaining a culture consistent with the values of the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation (NWBSN) and its  shareholders. We promote and demonstrate our core values and business principles in our daily operations. This helps us create a respectful work environment where ideas can be shared and an entrepreneurial spirit can be nurtured. We focus on our employees, so that our employees can focus on our customers.

There were three major bands of Northwestern Shoshone at the time the first Mormon pioneers began settling northern Utah. Chief Little Soldier headed the misnamed "Weber Ute" group of about 400, who occupied Weber Valley down to its entry into the Great Salt Lake. Chief Pocatello commanded a similar number of Shoshone, who ranged from Grouse Creek in northwestern Utah eastward along the northern shore of Great Salt Lake to the Bear River. The third division of about 450 people, under Chief Bear Hunter, resided in Cache Valley and along the lower reaches of the Bear River. Bear Hunter was regarded as the principal leader of the Northwestern Shoshone, being designated by Mormon settlers as the war chief who held equal status with Washakie when the Eastern and Northwestern groups met.

What became the Northwestern Band of Shoshone were parts of those groups who traveled largely on foot living off the land in a delicate balance. The expression So-so-goi means “Those Who Travel on Foot,” this expression was used to describe the band.

The Northwestern Shoshone traveled with the changing season. They looked upon the earth not just as a place to live; in fact, they called the earth their mother—she was the provider of all they needed for their livelihood. The mountains, streams, and plains stood forever, they said, and the seasons walked a round annually. The So-so-goi believed all things came from Mother Earth. 

Northwestern Shoshone Federal Recognition 1987:

On April 29, 1987, the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation became a federally recognized tribe, separate from other bands of Shoshones. As of May 1995 the tribe staffs two offices to serve the tribal members. One office is in Pocatello, Idaho to serve those living in the southern, Idaho vicinity, while Brigham City, Utah office serves tribal members living in the northern Utah region. Nearly all of them live in southern Idaho and northern Utah, with few members scattered throughout the United States.