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Translation Services
Tope provides a wide variety of translation services to the US Government and private industry.  The Tope translation team has successfully completed projects in over 50 languages, and can provide support both on and off customer sites.  Experience and capabilities cover a wide range of language capabilities.
  • Foreign Media Analysis and Exploitation
  • Document Translation (Legal, Medical, Technical, etc.)
  • Audio Transcription
  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation by Phone or as an Escort
  • Other Language and Cultural Solutions; Linguists Available at Customer Sites
  • Intelligence and Subject Matter Experts

Tope offers a comprehensive set of language services:

We process source material in a wide variety of formats: handwritten, typewritten, and electronically or digitally produced documents, microfilm, audio, and video, as well as web-based content.

  • Full Translation – Complete and accurate rendering of source material into a grammatically and colloquially correct product in the target language.  Translation can be from a foreign language source into English or from English into a foreign language.  The NVTC provides translations of an entire document, video, or audio file based on the customer's need.
  • Partial Translation – Translation of designated portions of the original material.
  • Summary Translation – A translation that reflects the main points of the entire contents of the material in an abbreviated and concise manner.
  • Gisting – A brief description (in English or target language) of the contents of the original material.
  • Cataloguing – Brief scan of material to identify specific data, which is then filled into predefined templates.
  • Transcription – Word-for-word rendering of audio or video material into the original source language.  Our linguists decipher a wide range of dialects and accents to provide an accurate written product.
  • Language Identification – The NVTC can assist in the identification of a source file, be it in textual, audio, or visual form.
  • Certified Translation – Certification by a linguist other than the original translator that a translation is true, faithful, and accurate.
  • Quality Control Review – Review of previously translated material to ensure a technically and linguistically accurate product.