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Health Insurance

How to Use Tope’s Health Insurance Emergency Reference Pages

Benefits are an important part of your employment. Our goal is to provide quality, affordable and sustainable options to help meet your family’s healthcare needs.

From your feedback we identified common situations that cause frustration in our healthcare insurance program.  We have developed this reference page to help you avoid or minimize your frustration if you encounter one of the situations.

The page is designed to help you identify the situation you are in and provide simple steps to avoid navigate or eliminate potential frustration.


My provider says I’m not covered

If your provider (doctor, hospital, care center, etc. does not recognize HealthEZ Insurance: 

1.    Prior to your visit call the provider and verify they accept:

                * Health West EMI Network (in Utah)

                * CIGNA Network (outside of Utah)

2.    At the visit tell them you are on the Health West EMI or CIGNA Network

3.    Show the back of your insurance card.

4.    Call HealthEZ (855-535-4497) 7-6 MST

5.    Call Dearden Ins. (866-488-7010 ext. 2382)

6.    Call Dan Dearden (801-641-6500)

7.    Email: , sandy@deardeninsurance.comcc:


I can only get 30 days of Medication


If you want more than 30 days’ worth of medication at a time and want to save on co-pay costs: 

1.    Use the mail order program:

            *    Visit

            *    InQuick LinksselectMail Order Form

            *    Enter the RxGRP number (on the back of your HealthEZ Card)

            *    Follow the directions

2.    Call PartnersRX (800-711-4550)

3.    Call Dearden Ins. (866-488-7010 ext. 2382)

4.    Call Dan Dearden (801-641-6500)

5.    Email: , sandy@deardeninsurance.comcc:


I don’t have a Dental Insurance Card?

Dental insurance is covered by MetLife and dental insurance cards are not issued.  To show proof of dental insurance: 

1.    Prior to the visit:

            * Visit

            * Verify participating dentists

            * Print a dental ID card

            * Visit the iTunes App or Google Play Store and download the MetLife US App

2.    Tell your provider you have MetLife and give them your SSN.

3.    Call MetLife (800-275-4638)

4.    Call Dearden Ins. (866-488-7010 ext. 2382


How do I find In-Network Providers?

Using in-network provides saves, time, money and hassle.  Here is how you find an in-network provider: 

1.    Visit

2.    Select FIND A DOCTOR

3.    Select a Network:

            * Health West EMI Network (in Utah)

            * Follow the prompts

            * CIGNA Network (outside of Utah)


            * Enter  ZIP CODE and Select SEARCH

            *  Or call CIGNA (855-520-4497)

            * PHCS for Travelers away from home

            * Select PHCS Healthy Directions

            *Follow the prompts

4.    Call HealthEZ (855-535-4497) 7-6 MST

5.    Call Dearden Ins. (866-488-7010 ext. 2382)

6.    Call Dan Dearden (801-641-6500)

7.    Email: , sandy@deardeninsurance.comcc:


How do I get a preferred out-of-network provider In-Network?

1.    Call Dan Dearden at 801-641-6500 or email Dan at

2.    He will attempt to contract them at in-network rates.


A Life-threatening emergency

If you have a condition that could end your life within a matter of minutes or hours; such as a heart attack, stroke, excessive bleeding, extreme burns, etc.:

1.    Get to the nearest Emergency Room (in or out of network)

2.    Call an ambulance or 911


A non-life-threatening emergency

If you have a condition that needs immediate attention is not life-threatening (see above); such as extreme pain, broken bone, etc.:  

1.    Go to the nearest in-network urgent or instant care facility.

2.    Call HealthEZ (855-535-4497) 7-6 MST

3.    Call Dan Dearden (801-641-6500)


I need care while I’m away from home

If you are away from home, for vacation or business, and need health care:  

1.    Prior to your travel find in-network facilities in the area you will visit.

            * Visit

            * Select FIND A DOCTOR

            * Select PHCS and follow the prompts

2.    Call HealthEZ (855-535-4497) 7-6 MST

3.    Call Dearden Ins. (866-488-7010 ext. 2382)

4.    Call Dan Dearden (801-641-6500

5.    Email: , sandy@deardeninsurance.comcc:


What’s a fast, Convenient, Low Cost way to handle Routine Illnesses?

For routine illnesses like allergies, strep throat, bronchitis, earache, sinusitis, upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, pink eye, etc.

1.    Visit

2.    Call HealthiestYou (866-703-1259) 24/7/365

            * Have your HealthiestYou Card available

            * Speak with a nurse or doctor

            * Often times you will get a diagnosis and prescription in one call

            * Physician discretion will apply in all cases.  You may be directed to see a physician in person and some medications cannot be prescribed over the phone.


Emergency Contact Information

1.    Visit

2.    Call HealthiestYou (866-703-1259) 24/7/365

3.    Call HealthEZ (855-535-4497) 7-6 MST

4.    Jill, Tope Office (801-773-8822) 8-3 MST

5.    Call Dearden Ins. (866-488-7010 ext. 2382)

6.    Call Dan Dearden (801-641-6500

7.     Email: , sandy@deardeninsurance.comcc: